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About Varied / Hobbyist Ily Kirkther || NémesisIlit24/Female/Spain Groups :iconthe-ozz-ghostscats: The-Ozz-GhostsCats
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DA watermark by Sophibelle

Positively Demonic .:ANIMATED:. by ThatFurryArtist
My OC Luzbel by: ThatFurryArtist Thank you!♥


(Frequently Asked Questions)
(In construction)
Here some of them:

Q: Why "NemesisIlit"?
A: NemesisIlit or NémesisIlit (This is the most correct) is my alias/pseudonym since few years ago. It's a "rare" translation of my real name, the "Ilit". The Nemesis probably for the relation of my zodiac sign, Geminis, because of one of it meanings, for example as "the other side", as it happens with Geminis. I use this alias/pseudonym in all of pages, my social networks and, as you can see, in my drawings.

Q: I like your alias/pseudonym! Can I use it?
A: No, please. It's a part of my identity and as I said, I use my alias/pseudonym in all of pages, social networks, my own works, etc.

Q: What kind of tablet do you use to make your drawings?
A: I use a Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch.

Q: What program or programs & material do you use for your drawings?
A: Previously I used other softwares, but now I use Paint Tool SAI for sketches, lineworks & colourings. A part from this I usually use Photoshop for other minor details that SAI probably couldn't offer me. Sometimes I used illustrator although I'm still practicing with it. About materials in what refers to Traditional Art I simply use the basic tools and Ink specialized pen, and when I have the chance, the watercolours I have. However, in a future I'd like to use copics.

Q: Can you tell me how you make your style? The tools you use... I try to figure out how you make it!
A: Alright. You can always can ask me for something or if you have any question. I appreciate a lot these proofs of admiration and interest in my works, but I can't answer this just because I don't consider I used any special procedure. Anyways, in the case of doing this as a little help, it's always nice to give credit to the original artist style. I can help you with any doubts and so, but please, don't for imitate completely the style, it's better when you get your own style. Watching the drawings of other artists is always a good way that could help you to improve, but not for copying someone's work. Please, respect the hard work and don't copy/steal.

Q: Do you draw traditionally or digitally?
A: Both Traditional and Digital, although lately I focused on more in Digital Art than Traditional Art. I use Traditional Art most of the time when I'm out of home, I carry with me a Sketchbook (and notebook) and some materials and if an idea ups to me to draw I quickly do a sketch on the sketchbook to not forget any detail and those when I arrive home I can repeat in my computer.

Q: Do you do animated drawings?
A: Yes, always I can and I want to do one I do some animated drawings, although I'm still practicing to do it better than I did.

Q: Do you only draw Anthro Art or do you draw more things?
A: No. I can draw a great variety of things, not only Anthro. Things like my OC's, animals, landscapes... I draw more Anthro Art because is what it gives me more work as a freelance and it's what people ask me most, but I can draw whatever I want. In fact, I thank drawing a great variety -also Anthro- to have to oportunity of continue practising.

Q: I saw some examples of your Pixel Art. How do you do them?
A: Actually it's pretty easy, I didn't have any problem with the first I did. As an example for that, I first draw it as Traditional, a big quickly idea, and then I moved it to Photoshop. I have many types of Photoshop I lined it and painted it (having in mind the pixels) with which was the binary tool. And one ready, I sent it directly to ImageReadyCS (inside on the Photoshop program it's the option to send the drawing with all its layers to the other software). There I made the animation and I passed it to GIF format.

Q: What meaning have your main OCs Sangs & Demian for you?
A: To resume, I created them between 2009, 2010 & 2011. Sangs the first of all, she was created precisely in 2009. She’s what I am just like Demian, who I created a year later. Sangs is my animated version as woman and Demian my animated version as a man, also the name of ‘Demian’ would be my name if I were born a boy (that’s the reason of the versions xD), and when I heard of it I liked it a lot, I was sure that it would fit Demian very well, specially for the relation. The name "Sangs" was born from the word "blood" in catalan.

Q: Do you have other OC’s apart the drawings of your OC’s you show here?
A: Yes, I have a lot more, they even exceed the hundreds. I feel a great love for each of them, but some more. Here I only show a little part of my OC’s, the ones who don’t have a very elaborated history as the others, with a unique design and special personality or behavior, for example. Sangs & Demian even the design is one of the most I liked to created, and as I said, I show here specially because they representate me.

Q: I see you have a lot of OC's. Do you do Roleplays with them?
A: No. I'm very strict about the roleplay. I have a lot of OC's, yes, but mainly I don't roleplay with any of them with nobody. They have a very important meaning. All my OC’s are of personal use, they’re not available to Roleplay with. Also for the time, specially. I'm a very busy person.

Q: Your OC's are really awesome. Can your 'x' OC make a couple with one of mine?
A: Thank you for your interested & I'm glad you like my OC but, as I said I don't Roleplay with nobody, so that I don't make couples with another OC's, sorry.

Q: Can I use one of your OC's for my stories, RP or for other things like that?
A: No, please. My OC's are only for my use in my own histories and other things of mine. I'd appreciate it if they're not used on sites or in another way. Some of my OCs mean the world to me and I put my heart and soul in their their histories, with their behaviour or design in general. Also, all of them representates a little part of me. If a drawing of mine would be for public purposes I would tell it beforehand, and maybe I would repeat it to make it sure, but at the moment, neither of my drawings are for that purposes and not even my OC’s. Thank you for understanding!

Q: Can I use as a reference, trace from your work or copy parts of your characters?
A: No, please. Don't copy my characters or don't try to do that. Please, try to make your own, as I said they're a little part from me. I wouln't like seeing work being taken by others, and as I said. Each thing or detail have a meaning for each of them. And as an advice, it’s really grateful when you achieve to create something by yourself and see that for that same reason it's absolutely yours. Thanks for understanding!

Q: What do I do if I find someone that is stealing your art, your OC's, copying, altered, heavily referencing etc, of your work?
A: Simply send me a note with their username and links to the images. Thank you!

Q: Do you first sketch your drawing on paper and then scan it to work on it digitally?
A: Yes, but most of the times I do the sketch on SAI and with my tablet, it became a habit to do my drawings in this way and not by other. I stopped to use the scanner to scan, I simply do the unclean sketch and a first side I pass it to PC, changing little things while I'm doing it.

Q: Do you use some kind of reference to draw?
A: Well, it’s something funny because sometimes (depending on some poses, the most dinamics for example) I use my own references; I take photos of myself with the pose I want to illustrate on the drawing to do the pose to base on what it seems look like and then draw the unclean skeleton and then correct it, but the most of times I take the poses out of my head and then I draw them with that pose. xD When it refers to pairing poses, it becomes funny, specially for the pose I have in my mind to do. xD

Q: How did you learn to draw bodies? How did you achieve it?
A: I sold my soul to Satan.(?) Well, about the anatomy I still have some problems, but at the time of doing it I dedicate to draw scratches, it is uncleaned sketch until I consider what it’s done begins to have the form I desire to illustrate and I consider it’s correct. Obviously, I later clean the sketch, although sometimes I repeat the unclean in other colour and then I draw it finally clean. The first I did is the skeleton and from this, the rest.

Q: How long have you been drawing?
A: Practically since I was a little child. I’ve always loved to draw. Although I remember I always drew weird things, agresives… xD I liked to do it and I still liking. Human figures were what I drew less, I drew more creatures.

Q: Where can I find your art?
A: I only submitted my drawings in my DA account, in my Facebook Page (it’s closed for now), in my personal Facebook and in FurAffinity. If you find my art in other websites, then I didn’t submit it there, and then please tell me.

Q: Did you ever study art?
A: Yes, but it was different than what I do now. I began at 6 years going to basic art clases, where the teachers instruct us on how to draw and paint with Traditional materials and also in canvas. They teach you all kind of materials and paintings, and so they gave good advices that were quite goods and useful. Digital Painting and the anatomy it’s something that I learnt by myself since the first time I decided to start to paint with my own graphic tablet (the first didn't long last), several years after I leave those clases. In general I'm all self-taught.

Q: What do you do in your free time?
A: In my free time I spent it creating more and more OC’s and creating their respective stories and other things. If I’m not doing this, I dedicate my time to study things I love, as the science, astronomy, history, languages... I'm a self-thaught person.

Q: Can I draw something for you?
A: If you want, it’d be great, thanks! C: But please, always give me credit about the character telling it’s mine and don’t claim it as your own. Neither submit it to other pages without telling me. Neither use the drawing of my OC when you finished it to do any kind of Roleplay. And, neither use it for another reasons (as commercial pusposes, for example) and couple them with your OC’s, please & Thank you for understanding!

Q: How long does it take you to finish an art?
A: It depends of many factors. I’m busy sometimes (work or my own things) so I can take more time to finish a drawing. This doesn’t mean that I’ve lost my interest or that I don’t enjoy what I’m doing. I also detail very much my drawings, maybe that’s why I take more time on my drawings.

Q: You take so much time to answer me the comments, the favs or the other notifications.
A: Although it doesn’t seems so, I’m always watching any notification, both in this social media and in others. Another thing is that I can have more or less time or I’m in the middle of something important and that forbids me of answering you. But at the end I always answer all.

Q: Do you do Requests? Or Commissions? Or Art Trades? Or...?
A: Well, I don't do Requests, neither Kiribans. Gifts only for special occasions. Art Trades are closed for the moment, also the collabs. But Commissions are opened. Ask me if you're interested.

Q: About your Commissions, Why the prices could seem elevated for somebody?
A: Well, probably prices can see a little high at first side, but they're fair for the work I invest on them, the time, the effort, the detail, etc. And due to the things you might ask me for. It's important to valorate the work of an artists.

Q: What happened to your Facebook Page of "Némesis Ilit Art"?
A: I didn’t happened anything to it, I simply closed it temporaly (it’s hidden and I’m the only can see it). I considered that it gave me too much work to sustain, so I decided to close it until I have more time to dedicate myself well to it (a well control organization) or if someone claim it for a heavier reason. But it is there, but you can see it yet.

Q: How may I contact you?
A: You can let me a comment or also send me a note. I let my hotmail and my Facebook Page on my ID if someone wants to contact with me. But please, don’t ask for my Personal Skype (I'm thinking to do one for work), neither my Facebook. (They're only for the family and closed friends) Just talk to me via note or comment and the like.

Testing by ruruchi

One thing more. Please, don't copy, don't take, don't trace, don't recolor, etc. Don't use my art for commercial purposes and don't use as a base or for any thing more any of my ArtWorks and Designs if I don't let my personal permission to do. First, ask me and then put the original link of my ArtWork. Also, my OC's aren't for RP, don't use my OC's for RP, and don't use my drawings of my OC's or whatsever from me to RP. Be creative & don't steal ideas!
Copyright 5 by Th3EmOoCopyright Stamp by PsychoSlaughtermanCopyright Stamp by J7MiGi'Not Stock' Stamp by J7MiGiMy Art, My Rules by Survey-chanDo not steal my art button by izka197Do not use my artwork stamp by diabolikal-lily'Not Stock' Stamp by J7MiGiStamp: Create your own art by YourOwnArtDont make bases of my work by YourOwnArtInspired does not equal 'copycat by NinjaKato
150. Commission for NemesisIlit by HatoriKumiko
My OC Demian by: HatoriKumiko Thank you!♥


NemesisIlit has started a donation pool!
3,000 / 10
Trying to be Premium someday!
Thanks in advance<3

My birthday badge

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-Full Body Seff for: SeffOkami (FA) - (No limit date)
-Full Body Afon for: SeffOkami (FA) - (No limit date) 
-Reference Sheet for: QuantenZiel(No limit date)
-Project for: Sythelux(No limit date)
-Reference Sheet for: ElliotSquire - (No limit date)
-Two Full Bodies + Background for: DatBaldur (FA) - (No limit date)


•Monday - Saturday: Work.
•Saturday (many days) - Sunday : Rest or dedicated to Personal Work / Projects.
(Unless the Commission has a deadline.)


-I'll show you the sketch or line once I start with it.
-The deadline is more or less between one week/two, but I can finish before the estimated date.
(BUT, it depends on the number of Commissions, the complexity and my own works. Thanks for the patience!)
-The drawing can be delivered by e-mail if the buyer wants and always in a PNG format.
-I'll submit the Commissions I have done as an example unless you tell me not to do it.
-You can ask me for the progress at any moment without problem.
-Any doubt or question, or if you’re interested in asking me for a Commission send me a note to let me know.
-For more: ToS NemesisIlit (Terms of Service)


Are you interested to ask me a Commission? : )
Info here: OPEN Commissions!

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·Commissions Status: OPEN!

Only Paypal


Commissions are opened for drawing human characters, Anthros & animals, too!


·Commissions Prices·


(From Head to Chest)

Sketch: 5€ / 6 USD
Linework: 10€ / 11 USD
Simple Colouring: 15€ / 17 USD
Detailed Colouring: 20€ / 22 USD

COMMISSION || For LucyDMonkey by NemesisIlit  PP - CM || Soren Frazier by NemesisIlit


(From Head to Weist)

Sketch: 10€ / 11 USD
•Linework: 15€ / 17 USD
Simple Colour: 20€ / 22 USD
Detailed Colour: 30€ / 34 USD

PP - CM || Looking for a Master by NemesisIlit    Gift || Krisstal by NemesisIlit


(Complet Body)

•Sketch: 15€ / 17 USD
•Linework: 20€ / 22 USD
Simple Colour: 30€ / 34 USD
Detailed Colour: 40€ / 45 USD

PAYPAL COMMISSION || Shadow by NemesisIlit  PaypalCommission || Reflection by NemesisIlit


•Sketch: 8€ / 9 USD
•Linework: 10€ / 11 USD
Simple Colour: 15€ / 17 USD
Detailed Colour: 20€ / 22 USD

Commission || Hoshi by NemesisIlit  Commission || Allen by NemesisIlit



For a Portrait:
Backgrounds in Portrait are FREE.
For a HalfBody:
Between 5€ - 10€ (6 USD - 11 USD) depending on complexity.
Transparent background or Bckground in one single colour is FREE.
For a FullBody:
Between 10€ - 15€ (11 USD - 17 USD) depending on complexity.
Transparent Background or Background in one single colour is FREE.

PP - CM || Romantic Night Sky by NemesisIlit  PP - CM || In a quiet Time by NemesisIlit


·Reference Sheets·


*Initial price for Reference Sheets FRONT & BACK: 40€ / 45 USD
*For extra details of part of the body:
-Each Face close-up/Items: + 5€ / 6 USD
-Extra Pose: + 20€ / 22 USD


*Initial price for Reference Sheets FRONT & BACK: 60€ / 67 USD
*For extra details of part of the body:
-Each Face close-up/Items: + 10€ / 11 USD
-Extra Pose: + 30€ / 34 USD


Info about this Commissions

-Extra Character will be + 10€ - 20€ depending on the type of Commission. (Ask me)
-About NSFW prices, ask me, too.
-Prices are valid for any kind of OC's. Humans, Anthros/Furries, animals... (Ask me)
-The number of Commissions you can order are unlimited per person.
-I'll show you the sketch or line once I start with it.
-The deadline is more or less between one week/two, but I can finish before the estimated date.
(Also, it depends on the number of Commissions, the complexity and my own works. Thanks for the patience!)
-The drawing can be delivered by e-mail if the buyer wants and always in a PNG format.
-I'll submit the Commissions I have done as an example unless you tell me not to do it.
-You can ask me for the progress in any moment without problem.
-Any doubt or question, or if you’re interested in asking me for a Commission send me a note to let me know.

What I will need?

-A clear reference of the character (or characters) you have chosen with their colours and a little description - Especially a clear image of this character or a clear description with the colours. Also with some additional details you want me to consider, as the mood, habitual pose, expression… Etc.
-If you don't have any drawing/reference of your character and you don't know how to describe your character very well, you can always show me similar images from Google - for example - to know more or less how it would be.
-It's necessary that you be as clear as possible to tell me exactly what do you want.

About the Payment

-If you're interested, send me a note. We'll discuss about your Commission.
-Only Paypal. The payment must be sent before I start to draw.
-Payment must be made in full within 24 hours and in € if it can be possible.
-REMEMBER that if you want for example two characters, then please consider that the price will increase.

What I draw and what I don't draw• (In general)

-I draw OCs(Original Characters)/RPCs, Humans, Half-humans (centaurs, mermaids…), Animals, Hybrids, Anthros/Furries, Fantastic creatures (as dragons, etc...), Pokémon, Couples, Gore/Violence, emotive scenes (characters interacting in general), Soft nudity (erotic) and soft sensual themes, FanArts, Backgrounds and Scenery.

-I won't draw Animal Cruelty, Hate art against anyone, Hate to ideologies, Realism, Photomanipulations, Unrealistic body types, Adult content for minors, Anything illegal, Icons/Avatars, Mechas, Robots, Celebrities, Comic Pages.

Below you can see what I can draw and what I can’t draw, but I always try to do something new. Just tell me to discuss if you're interested to ask me for something specific.



-You can see more Examples of Commissions I submited here:…


Any question? Tell me! C:
Thanks for your support!

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Ily Kirkther || NémesisIlit
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
♀ | ♊ | Taken♥ | Creator | Roleplayer | Tradi & Digital Artist | Anglophile | Heart in UK♥

| Own Personal Quote |
"My own demons are my own masters." - NI.

I am a self-taught artist from Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain). I dedicate my time to create histories and draws about all kind of creatures that my mind creates. I’m a very imaginative person, my mind is always working all the day - more during the night. I always carry with me a little notebook & sketchbook.

I started drawing since I could remember, I have always loved drawing. I studied for 12 years various types of drawings’ techinques, specially in canvas using traditional styles as coal, oils, watercolors, etc, learning how to draw animals and landscapes in realistic style using those thecniques. I did several paintings in canvas, some of which were presented to Art Competitions. Later, I studied in a school of Graphic Arts, working as a designer using the Illustrator as essential program, Photoshop & Indesign. But, to do my own drawings I prefer working with Photoshop (I learnt all alone to move this program since I was 14 years old for editions) & Paint Tool SAI, among others for little things. Now I’m practicing to improve each time more and more.

For actual times, the drawings in which I’m more focused are combined with dark touches, probably desires, thoughts, my unconsciousness direct freedoms transformed into demonic creatures the most of times which is why some of them have psychological elements. I also love to draw other things with a little mithologic or fantastic touch, always trying to be, the most, my own invention, and Concept Art. I love creativity and originality! Finally, I create my original characters (OCs) since 2009 when I began and I’m still continuing with that, in my spare time creating and writing stories based of roleplays I do with my pair. Aside from that, I don’t show much of all the things I do here, I prefer to keep them as personal projects. Sincerely I’m a little careful with my special works, specially If they’re created completely for me.

As I said, I’m a self-taught person. I love to learn a lot of interesting things in my free time, things of science, history, etc when I’m not drawing. I’m not a quiet person. I love reading books since I was a child too, I have always gone with a book under my arm. At the same time I love play videogames.

I'm a big lover of the United Kingdom. Yep, I'm an anglophile<3 I've always loved that Country, their customs, their arquitectures, their history, their language... I have the purpose to visit England for a long time and if it's possible in the future, I wish to live there. Definitely, my heart is in UK♥

About languages, I speak Spanish, Catalan & English. Now, I'm studying Deutsch & Russian.

Finally, THANK YOU for all the Favs, Comments, Llamas & +Watchs!

<-- Please, read my F.A.Q If you want to know more and also to know the rules of my Art.

Other Sites & Contact

My Facebook Page: NémesisIlit Art
My FurAffinity: NémesisIlit - FA
My Instagram: NémesisIlit - INS
My Twitter: NémesisIlit - TW
My E-mail:
My gfs' DA: QuantenZiel
If you would like to contact with me, send me a note or go to my Facebook Page. Also, you can send me an e-mail or let me a comment here. Don't ask my Skype, because I don't use it.
Luzbel Chibi for NemesisIlit! by QuantenZiel
My OC Luzbel by: QuantenZiel LoveYou!♥
Gemini Stamp by mysageRoleplayer Stamp by SanosukeskittenCharacter Stamp by ArpieStamp - Misanthropist by WolfcurseMayan Civilization Stamp by ChuutayuntiFutsuhimeBlack cat stamps by Shizuru117horn love stamp by Delfim:thumb264501317:It's Not the Same by GhostsandDecayDemons Stamp by kageru-hinoryuI love Dragons by WishmasterAlchemistDINOSAURS stamp by homosocks-Astaroth-stamp- by SVEM-Beelzebub-red-stamp- by SVEM-Asmodeus-grey-stamp- by SVEM-Lucifer-stamp- by SVEM:thumb92869397:Baphomet stamp by Sy666Rose Stamp by sequelleI love black stamp by violetsteel:thumb81980345:Ravens Stamp by sequelleteeth stamp by deItaruneDon't Stereotype Me Stamp by silber-engleinwolf stamp by war-armorAnimal lover. by Monster-BoarI love vampires by lauritah:thumb264498952:Not Just for Little Girls by SpikytasticI Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31dDemonology love by NingyoplugHuskies Stamp by xXDarknessShadowXxI heart Budgies stamp by NorthSkyThunderI Care by Sharkfoldstamp by DaemonB4nocturnal artist eh... by AxiasAlexaOC Love Stamp by rynokistay away from my babies by BaconMagicOC - Soul Stamp by AlpharesAppreciate Originality -STAMP- by Frozen89My Own World by jrtraceySteampunk Stamp by TumblingTortoisesI Love The Night by TheLoveTrainNightowl Stamp by Kezzi-RoseArt at 3 AM by blackdahliaOCs not for copying Stamp by DP-StampsGender is Unimportant by NyaasuEcco Stamp by Creepiestpokemon timeline stamp by kuribohspiritMass Effect Stamp by atmos00000:thumb280968822:I Love Aliens Stamp by TetheredComicAssassin addicted STAMP by lonewinedFable 3 by DrackeStalenTorgen:thumb177499568:Classic Spyro Stamp by RadSpyroTLoZ stamp by ChibiDreamYaoi stamp by sequelleArgonian Stamp by BoarfeathersSheogorath Stamp by I-Forget-To-ForgetSupport Madness... by BoarfeathersKeep Calm Stamp by Kezzi-RoseBritish Stamp by Kezzi-RoseHeart UK Stamp by mylastelSTAMP - I love the UK by Tarsicius

APH - St Valentine RUSSIA by MiharaEmikoAPH - St Valentine UK by MiharaEmikoAPH - St Valentine USA by MiharaEmiko
♥:thumb470513732:&APH: Pro USUK | ver.II by xioccolate
APH: England Pagedoll by MiaowKat

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Heart - UK by uppuNI Love England - Hetalia Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingAPH England Stamp by megumimaruidesuHetalia UK - Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingChibi United Kingdom II by SkaianAngelHeart - UK by uppuN

Dragon Wings(FREE) by luisbc
CM: nemesisIlit by nicky1311
My OCs Sangs&Demian by: nicky1311 Thank you!♥

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